Tiny Lamb Survives Traumatic Fall From Moving Truck And Lives To Tell The Story

When you are a little lamb in a big world, life can sometimes be difficult. That was seen recently in Australia when a newborn lamb fell off of a truck as it was speeding down the highway.

The lamb was born that very day and was so tiny that he managed to squeeze through a gap in the vehicle.

It happened on March 14, as the truck was traveling along a highway in Victoria, Australia.

As a result of the accident, the lamb, named Constable Sam, suffered a fractured skull and his front legs were broken in two places. He also had a serious injury to one of his eyes after the fall as well.

Some highway workers that found Sam scooped him up and took him to Edgar’s Mission, a farm sanctuary in the area. Sam received emergency surgery on his legs and skull and his wounds were cleaned.

Fortunately, Sam was able to survive and it may have taken some time, but he is recovering nicely. He also managed to get adopted along with two of his newfound lamb friends.

In a statement on Facebook, Edgar’s Mission had the following to say: “His fractured skull is fractured no more and his once critically injured left eye appears to have not lost its sight. His wobbly legs are now strong and infused with a sense of victory and his wagging tail is unable to conceal his joy for the newfound and splint-free mobility that is now his.”

They added that the truck Sam fell from was a livestock truck, meaning, Sam’s life likely wouldn’t have been great had he not fallen and been injured. They wrote: “by landing in the arms of kindness, a life of freedom shall now be his,” and that’s a beautiful thing.

Check out the video below:

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