The Cunning Honey Badger Traps The Giant Python In A Spectacular Ambush

Last week Lyn Francey, who works as the local birding specialist guide for Pangolin photo Safari, was taking some clients out on the Chobe river in the middle of the day as part of a day trip from Victoria Falls.

They spotted a magnificent 2-meter python swimming across the swollen river, presumably in search of prey.

Seeing this beautiful reptile swimming, in decent light for photography, would normally have been reward enough – but what happened next was truly remarkable.

Just as the snake reached the bank a honey badger came charging out of the nearby bushes and grabbed the snake by its head before it had a chance to even think about mounting a counter-attack.

Death came swiftly to the snake as the formidable jaws of the honey badger crushed its skull and made it all too easy for the wily badger to drag away its reptilian meal to the same bush to enjoy in peace.

Lyn was so stunned that she only managed to grab some quick shots from her position on the Pangolin boat. If the 65cm badger had not grabbed the snake by the head the fight could have quite easily have gone the other way!

Honey badgers are known snake predators, and they don’t shy away from even the most dangerous and poisonous species, but we have never heard of, let alone witnessed, such an audacious kill as this one. It just goes to show that when you think you have seen it all on safari, expect the unexpected. And keep those cameras ready.

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